Conference calls made easy

The ConferenceCard enables you to set up conference calls and share presentations remotely, without booking in advance. After completing the one-time registration process, you will receive the dial-in number and your personal audio and web entry codes.

When setting up a conference call, you provide the participants with the date, time, dial-in number and audio entry code. Both you and the participants call the dial-in number at the agreed time and enter the entry code. The conference starts as soon as you (the chairperson) have entered the conference.

You can also add webconferencing to your conference, allowing you to share documents and presentations on your Windows PC. This is a convenient option that requires no additional software to be installed by the participants.

The advantages of ConferenceCard

If you spend an unnecessarily large amount of time in meetings, continuously find yourself stuck in traffic on the way to appointments with clients, or it is almost impossible to get all of the participants together in a conference room at the same time when you want to organise a meeting, register for a free trial card and find out how you can benefit from the ConferenceCard. You will:

  • Save time, money and the environment and avoid traffic jams
  • Connect more people in less time
  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Use your own entry codes that ensure extra secure conferencing
  • Offer participants the convenience of dialling in from anywhere in the world at the local rate
  • Pay for the participants, relieving them from extra costs

All contract types included:

International dial-in options (Global Access)

Participants from outside the Netherlands can use a dial-in number in their country of residence, saving them additional call charges. The list includes local dial-in numbers in ten countries, mostly in Western Europe and the United States (Global Access).


Two separate entry codes are required to set up a conference. One for the chairperson and one for the participants. You can change the entry codes at any time via My Conferencing.


Key combinations for extra options during the conference:

  • *4 - Lock/unlock the conference call to new participants, including the operator.
  • 1# - Count the number of participants in a conference.
  • 4# - Extra entry code. Secure the conference call with a secondary entry code chosen by you.

Conference Control

Conference Control enables you to control the conference call online with a web browser. All participants present are shown.

Extra features

International dial-in options (Global Access Extra)

Dial-in numbers in over 60 countries, including non-European countries (e.g. Asian countries).


Once the participants have logged in via a special web page, the chairperson can display a presentation to all participants simultaneously, or show them an application. The entry codes and the website the user can enter them on are stated on the ConferenceCard. This is a standard feature of the individual ConferenceCard.

Dial-out option

The chairperson can ask the operator to call new participants who can then participate free of charge. You pay the standard dial-out costs at Conferencing Services rates.

Organisation Welcome

After entering the entry code, the chairperson and participants hear a personal welcome message before each conference. For example: ‘Welcome to the conference of’, followed by the company name. This feature is only available for volume contracts.

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